Why this CBD brand is the BEST in the BIZ.

Humboldt County, CA is known internationally for it’s reputation of absolute excellence in cannabis breeding and horticulture.

Not everyone knows this, but the birth of high ratio CBD cannabis genetics occurred in southern Humboldt County when a man named Lawerence Ringo became fascinated with increasing the potency of CBD in cannabis/hemp flower through “selective breeding” and was able to breed some of the most famous high CBD cannabis genetics on earth.

Humboldt CBD (Humboldt Hemp, Inc.) (http://www.humboldtcbd.org) is a company/organization that was born out of fascination with Lawerence Ringo’s work with high CBD cannabis genetics.

When Humboldt Hemp, Inc. founder Joshua Hanna was trying to treat his own anxiety and panic attacks related to a form of complex PTSD – he wanted at all cost to avoid medicating himself with prescription drugs and chose to pursue natural medicine. He was introduced to an individual working with Ringo’s organization (Southern Humboldt Seed Collective) and received 5 lbs of a CBD dominant strain called Sour Tsunami— this event changed his life entirely.

He learned how to make “Rick Simpson Oil” and began manufacturing his own high CBD cannabis oil (which contained a low level of THC).

When Josh tried consuming the oil which he made with high CBD cannabis flower, he could not believe the relief he experienced immediately from his anxiety.
As he continued to take the oil he noticed his anxiety was getting better rapidly and he soon stopped having panic attacks entirely..

He purchased as much of the flower (from Ringo’s genetics) as he could find to make his cannabis flower extracts. Harlequin, Harle-Tsu, and Sour Tsunami were his favorites.

After several months of self medicating his symptoms were disappearing fast and he decided he needed to take this medicinal oil to the world

So he started a patients collective and named it “Humboldt CBD“.

Over the course of several years he provided organic Humboldt County based farmers with high CBD genetics from Ringo’s collective – until one day he met someone who had used these cannabis genetics to breed a strain in which the flower of the cannabis plant contained less than 0.3% THC (inside of the flower itself).

This opened his eyes to see what was possible. He knew that all the “hemp CBD” products on the market were being manufactured from low grade industrial hemp isolate – and he knew from direct experience that the flower of cannabis/hemp is where the real medicinal value is.

So he purchased these rare “flowering hemp” genetics and got to work on a superior hemp product which could be sold nationally – but was still made from strictly the flower of the plant.

This was a huge revolution in the cannabis industry – and one of the very first “hemp flower extract” products – as Humboldt CBD could not get on board with the low grade industrial hemp isolate (which nearly every hemp CBD company uses to keep overhead low and profit high).

Humboldt CBD wanted to offer flower extracts only – and is thriving today because they stuck to their truth. The medicinal value of the cannabis/hemp plant is truly in the flower, containing hundreds of terpenes, cannabinoids and other beneficial compounds- which are found ONLY in the flower.

Today Joshua is traveling the country getting this amazing product to the people (especially the ones who have become disillusioned with all of the low grade industrial hemp isolate based products on the market)

You can purchase Humboldt CBD products online at: http://www.humboldtcbd.org

Humboldt CBD / Humboldt Hemp, Inc. is currently looking for retail partners and distributers across the country as well as internationally.

Contact: info@humboldtcbd.org for more information.

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