At Holistic Evolution we are devoted to research and application of the newest discoveries in holistic health and nutrition science.

Through the applied use of leading edge technology, pristine quality nutritional products, mental/physical disciplines, and an optimized lifestyle, it is now possible to reach levels of health, vitality, recovery and longevity previously thought to be unattainable.

We are committed to educating the public of the latest discoveries in human wellness by publishing interviews with the worlds leading experts in health and wellbeing.

Every individual who decides to actualize their potential for health and wellness creates a ripple effect out into the world. We believe the human race has the potential to become a harmonic, mutualistic species, and if we are to develop this relationship globally, we must develop it on an individual level.

For more information about Holistic Evolution, contact H.E. founder Joshua Hanna at: joshualeehanna@holistic-evolution.com

joshdave Joshua Hanna & Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Executive

joshbhav Joshua Hanna & Bhava Ram of Warriors For Healing


Joshua Hanna with Phil Dixon & Dan Radecki of the Academy of Brain-Based Leadership

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  1. theBrandedPheasant

    Awesome site. Thank You for sharing and caring.

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