Product Guide

We promote only the most effective, cutting edge, clinically studied technologies and nutrients currently available. The following products represent some of the latest advancements in holistic health.

Micro-Pulse DigiCeutical A9a
(Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Technology)
For healing of bone, tendon, and nerve tissue.
Powerful anti-inflammatory agent and cellular health device.
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N(R) NIAGEN (NAD+ Booster)
(Cellular nutrient for increased cognitive function,
neuroprotection, overall cellular health and longevity)

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MindPlace Kasina
(AVS Light & Sound Meditation & Entrainment System)

For deep relaxation, cognitive enhancement, IQ increase,
attention increase, sensory acuity.

*The statements on this page have not been evaluated by the FDA.
The content on this page is not medical advice.
Specific disorders need to be discussed with your physician.

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