Cellular Nutrition: Unlocking The Secrets Of Cellular Health With NAD+, and N(R) NIAGEN

An interview with High Performance Nutrition CEO, Sean Torbati. We discuss how our cells receive nutrients, and how to fuel “mitochondrial biogenesis” with a nutrient called N(R) NIAGEN.

Biological life starts on a cellular level. If we desire optimal mental and physical health we need to think about healthy cellular function, how to activate it, and how to sustain it.

Mitochondria are the power plants of our cells. NAD+ is an essential metabolite in every cell of your body, it plays a key role in the health and metabolism within the mitochondria of every cell. NAD+ facilitates the communication between the nucleus of a cell and its mitochondria, maintaining both cellular health and overall energy.

As we age, encounter illness, trauma and injury, our NAD+ levels can diminish significantly. In fact, we have discovered many illnesses are associated with poor cellular communication and mitochondrial disfunction.

Up until very recent history, we have not understood how to increase NAD+ in the body.

Fortunately, we are now discovering how to improve health on a cellular level. This is process is called “mitochondrial biogenesis”, and increasing NAD+ plays a critical role in this science.

A nutrient called N(R) (nicotinamide riboside) has been clinically proven to significantly boost levels of NAD+ in the cell, thus, encouraging mitochondrial biogenesis and increasing health on a cellular level. Which has serious implications for anyone interested in optimal health, cognitive enhancement, neuroprotection, longevity, recovery, endurance, and anti-aging.

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Listen To The Interview

Author: Joshua Hanna

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