Healing With Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF)

An Interview with NASA scientist, PEMF inventor and Cortical Metrics founder, Dr. Robert Dennis.

PEMF-ICES is a new technology which uses pulsed electromagnetic fields to stimulate tissue growth and regeneration. With PEMF, powerful healing of injury, physical trauma, and inflammation is possible– as is stimulation of healthy cellular function and stem cell growth.

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Dr. Robert Dennis is the inventor of multiple technologies that could revolutionize the way we live.

He is the original inventor of the modern PEMF technology that was developed in a NASA study to show that pulsed electromagnetic fields could be used to stimulate tissue regeneration on a cellular level. This means: stimulation of coherent cellular function, as well as, healing bone, tendon, and nervous tissue.

(Click Here To See The PEMF NASA Patent)

In 1997, NASA approached Dr. Dennis and asked him to take part in a study involving stem cells.

NASA was interested in using magnetic fields to encourage the growth of stem cells. They understood that magnetic fields can affect cellular function, but they didn’t know how.

Dr. Dennis was skeptical about this research at first. The scientific literature on magnetic fields was underdeveloped and poor quality at the time.

He discovered there are over a quadrillion (1 million x 1 billion) ways to use magnetic fields to affect cellular function, which made it extremely difficult to isolate which specific parameters would actually make a biological impact. As a pioneer in this field, he decided to categorize the quadrillion combinations down into 6 different classes.

As research continued, Dr. Dennis discovered that certain types of pulsed electromagnetic fields could in fact make a powerful impact on cell growth and regeneration. Narrow (sqaure wave) pulsed electro magnetic fields were showing strong impacts encouraging healthy cellular function. Double-Blind studies had proved, PEMF technology has strong biological effects on cell activity and gene expression.

With newfound enthusiasm, he found that it is possible to use PEMF to switch healthy cellular growth on– and the gene array studies were verifying it.

Several years after Dr. Dennis had finished his research, he discovered that someone at NASA had filed a patent and claimed credit for his work. He didn’t want to involve himself in a battle with NASA, so he continued his own work and career without worrying about PEMF technology.

Soon after, he learned companies were licensing the technology from NASA, and he started receiving phone calls from manufacturers who were trying to figure out how to build PEMF devices.

Dr. Dennis understood that this technology had enormous potential to help people if it were available to the public. So, he actually helped these companies develop their own products using his technology.

At this time (2005) he realized he needed to get back in the game. In 2007, an internal legal audit restored Dr. Dennis’ status as the original inventor of NASA PEMF technology. Prior to this study, there had been several attempts to use magnetic fields to heal the human body, but Dr. Dennis’ research was the first legitimate scientifically documented work.

Dr. Robert Dennis has since founded several companies. The first is Micro-Pulse, which is creating the highest functioning PEMF devices on the market, using a highly refined and continually lab-tested version of his original NASA technology.

The second company is called Cortical Metrics, which is diligently refining new technology capable of diagnosing brain injury, autism, concussion, and other conditions. This technology can quantify brain health at a sensitivity up to 1000x more advanced than any brain imaging currently available.

He wants to make his technology open source and 100% available to the public, which means the human race could have instant access to monitor mental health at our finger tips (literally). The implications of this are extraordinary.

Cortical Metrics will be releasing a consumer version of this technology, which will cost less than $200 to purchase. They are planning on public release of “Brain Gauge” in 2018.

 Holistic Evolution is delighted to offer a $50 discount for the Micro-Pulse ICES DigiCeutical A9a system. It is their top of the line system, and the highest functioning, most effective PEMF technology on the market.

Visit Micro-Pulse and use the code: holistic at checkout to receive the discount.

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Author: Joshua Hanna

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